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We look forward to hosting you or your loved ones soon! If it’s your first float with us, we’ll give you a full tour and answer any questions you have.

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What They Say.

I Had the most amazing experience at Float Well in Celbridge . I went for an hour float the owner Barry took me into the floatation room and showed me how the tanks work , the water temperate is kept warm (36.5degrees skin temperature ) throughout your float, you have a quick shower before and then when ur ready you get into the tank,close the lid and turn off the lights ( don’t have to close tank and can keep on lights , but you get a much deeper experience if you do). I done some breath work while in tank and fell into the most relaxing state I have ever been in .I truly got into the most deepest meditation state I have ever experienced all my aches seemed to disappear and my current sport injury healed by the time I was out of the tank! After my float I went into their relaxation room for a herbal tea and a bit of a chill out , I felt like I was walking like mr soft from the mints ad years ago. My relaxed mental state has carried on still 2 days after my float and body feels brand new it really is like pressing reset in just one hour float! I can’t recommend it enough . They have other wellness facilities in FloatWell and more coming on their schedule such as Breathe work , yoga, mindfulness classes and even handstand classes brilliant addition to the community. The owner Barry is so helpful and kind with a huge back round of mindfulness and wellness . Call down and have a chat with Barry or get on their social media sites they have so much information on it all. Do one thing today and invest in yourself , book a float you won’t regret it.

Nicola Burns Floatation Session

"That was heaven" - that was literally what I said when I stepped out into the main street after my first float at the new Float Well. I had done one float before, 8 years ago in Vancouver, so I generally knew what to expect. I remember well how I felt that first time so if you're feeling unsure, a bit daunted by trying it for the first time that's completely understandable. Float Well is the ideal first float venue. Unpretentious, calm and welcoming. Beautifully laid out with really considered decor. I really felt like I escaped from the world. Like a spa trip. On top of everything, a great hairdryer

Catherine Manley Floatation Session

Wow, what an amazing experience from start to finish. Stepping inside from the busy town and traffic, it was like stepping into a pure oasis of relaxation. Barry's energy is so calming and he and the design of Floatwell are truly authentic. The whole centre radiates peace. I had a wonderful experience there of total relaxation and the one hour felt like hours had passed. As someone who really looks after my wellness I couldn't believe how incredibly wonderful I felt after the experience, even though I thought I felt great going in! I can't wait to go back - and regularly! Thanks so much.

Carmel Farnan Floatation Session

Enjoyed every second of my experience! From the minute I walked in, Barry was so welcoming, friendly and accommodating. The float rooms are lovely, and the floating experience is magical. One thing I really liked, that I hadn't experienced before, was the chillout room you can use after the float, meaning you don't have to rush back out into the mental world....I was able to sit with a herbal tea and relax. Would highly recommend paying a visit!

Eoin Shanahan Floatation Session

This course was very informative and enjoyable. I looked forward to it every week and left each week feeling refreshed and ready to plan my time well. Barry is very knowledgeable and easy to listen to. I would recommend this course and encourage people to be prepared to put in the time to get the most from it.

Alison Mindfulness Course

I didn’t know what to expect when I started the class, I’ve done a lot of online classes which promised sun, moon and stars but didn’t really explain mindfulness, the principles behind it or how it can benefit your brain. Barry explained the science behind mindfulness while giving us the platform to build our own mindfulness practises. 100% recommend!

Naomi Donaldson Mindfulness Course

Everyone should to get an understanding of what mindfulness is and how it can help in your everyday life. Barry was great to introduce our group to this world and his science based evidence was quite convincing! I would definitely recommend attending the course to anyone looking to improve their level of stress and open to consider the idea of being more “present”

Clara Mindfulness Course